Metropolis Coffee and Herkimer Coffee have had a very long, good-standing relationship. Since Herkimer Coffee opened in 2003, we have been fortunate to have these amazing coffees available in our shops. The coffees Herkimer buys command a premium price in the market place - a price Herkimer Coffee pays - and that in turn ensures good wages, good workers, and good working conditions at the farmsHerkimer Coffee negotiates directly with producers, visiting farms and processing stations to cultivate a beneficial relationship for both parties.



Acid: medium high
Body: full
Texture: champagne mousse, syrupy
Flavor Profile: layers of flavor and texture starting with a sweet Meyer lemon acidity, black cherry and marionberry fruitiness in deep tamarind chocolate liquor with spicy cardamom, clove and fresh tobacco mixed in.  Bridging the gap between the old world and new with direct source relationships, high elevation coffees, and blending for balance in a complete espresso.


Acid: low
Body: medium full
Texture: grape juice, powdery nut skin
Flavor Profile: simple and straightforward 100% Brazil Swiss Water Process. Hinting of orange on the low mellow acidity, lots of caramel in a slightly gritty texture, little smoke and lots of chocolate. Utilitarian workhorse for drip, pour-over or as an excellent old world espresso.

BRAZIL CARMO DE MINAS:  Finca Serrado, Jose Antonio Carneiro Pereira

Acid: medium
Body: light medium
Texture: soft, root tea
Flavor Profile: simple example of Brazilian quality from Carmo de Minas. Fazenda do Condado is located in a protected geographical coffee region known as Mantiqueira de Minas, the southernmost portion of Carmo de Minas. The medium acidity shows lemon tea and orange zest, the sugar is the highlight featuring the prototypical hazelnut in an Almond Roca candy sort of way. 20 hectares of coffee on a 100 hectare farm, 1100-1200 masl, yellow catuai cultivar processed as pulped natural. Total lot of 16 bags. COE entry.

BURUNDI MIKUBAKayanza Province

Acid: high
Body: medium
Texture: sweet cream
Flavor Profile: sweet red seed fruits, cherry, and pomegranate. The acid profile also features some floral rose-hip adding to the juicy fruit. Ultra clean texture with a soft creamy body. The finish remains long and refreshing displaying all of the above traits. Direct relationship, Long Miles Coffee Project. Bourbon and Jackson cultivars, fully washed. Elevation of 1927 masl. Mikuba means “hill that cannot be divided.” It was planted in 1933. The hill houses 232 farmers and is fairly remote, only accessible by “moto” or bicycle.

COLOMBIA SELECTO 3: Finca Campo Amor, Antioquia

Acid: high
Body: medium plus
Texture: cherry cola
Flavor Profile: sweet, juicy, creamy, and herbal. Deep red grape and orange acidity. The sugars round out nicely like cherry cola. The body is creamy and clean allowing for a long finish with herbal hints of oregano and sage. Finca Campo Amor overlooks the central portion of the Cauca river valley. Selecto 3 faces east and is ironically at the lowest elevation of the farm at 1350 to 1450 meters. Its unique micro-climate yields the results above. Tiny lot with small yield annually which we buy entirely. 4C, Rainforest Alliance, FLO, and Coffee Practices certifications. Washed Colombia and Castillo cultivars.


Acid: medium plus
Body: medium plus
Texture: clean orange juice, apple skin
Flavor Profile: Juicy sweet lime and orange acidity with a small hint of lime rind texture, caramel and peanuts in the middle, with plum and an interesting rooibos herbal character new to this season's harvest.  Pacamara and Bourbon Cultivars, washed process.  Elevations range from 1300 to 1550 meters at Finca El Manzano.  The Beneficio is also located at the farm.  Cuatro M is family owned, operated by Emilio Lopez Diaz.  Relationship coffee since 2008.  El Manzano is situated on the northern slopes of the Santa Ana Volcano.


Acid: medium plus
Body: low medium
Texture: herbal tea, rose water
Flavor Profile: prototypical Yirgacheffe coffee again!  Very floral spring Lilac and Daphne aromas, Jasmine and Lemongrass juicy sweet acid flavors.  This season’s offering shows a different sweetness with caramel apple and cinnamon as well.  More developed sugars combine with the juicy acidity to leave a cleaner length to the finish with just a hint of tea leaf tannin.  Kochere district lies in the Borena zone, 25 miles southwest of Yirgacheffe town, between northern Amaro Gayo and Fisahagentet.  Heirloom varietals, elevation of 1800 to 2000 meters, fully washed and dried on raised solar beds.  Additional hand sorting leave this coffee impeccably free of defects.  Second year relationship coffee.

GUATEMALA: El Pollo, San Francisco Tecuamburro, Nuevo Oriente

Acid: medium high
Body: low medium
Texture: iced tea with limeade
Flavor Profile: nice juicy acid profile of pineapple, cranberry and limeade.  Sweetness is simple and straightforward featuring caramelized cane sugar, walnut and dark cocoa powder.  The texture is slightly tannic, similar to roasted iced-tea.  Finca San Francisco Tecuamburro resides in Aldea Tecuamburro, Pueblo Nuevo Vinas.  The Region is known as Nuevo Oriente.  Farmed by Sergio Barillas, 3rd generation of family Barillas.  Fully washed Bourbon and Caturra cultivars.  Patio dried. Elevation for El Pollo is 1740masl. Natural spring water fed Beneficio.

HONDURAS: Los Flores, Santa Barbara

Acid: high
Body: medium plus
Texture: mainly clean and juicy, pepper finish
Flavor Profile: sweet juicy peach and tropical fruit . Bright sweet acidity gives it a long and mouth-watering finish. An aromatic of fresh cut dry cedar shows in the middle followed by a spicy but subtle cayenne pepper on the finish . This coffee is exclusively ours, 6th year relationship coffee. Bourbon and Pacas cultivars, Las Flores ranges from 1570 to 1700 meters. Benigno Mejia, producer. Depulped, washed and solar bed dried on his property.

RWANDA, ABAKUNDAKAWAGakenke, Northern Province

Acid: medium plus
Body: medium
Texture: grapefruit juice
Flavor Profile: sweet raspberry and grapefruit acidity with a slightly savory herbal middle and lots of cane sugar. Abakundakawa is a regular in C.O.E. Events, offered by the Hingakawa Women's Association. Members receive premiums for their extra efforts in separation, sorting and community inclusion. Bourbon and Jackson cultivars are dry fermented for a short period then washed and soak fermented. Parchment is removed in the soak tank for defect sorting prior to raised bed drying. 1800-2200 masl. FLO certified.


Acid: medium plus
Body: medium low
Texture: black tea and pressed apple cider
Flavor Profile: natural process profile of fruity strawberry and blueberry, as necessitated by the low annual rainfall. Also features a brighter than expected acid profile of Braeburn apple and green grape. Textural and spicy, hints of cardamom, tobacco, apple skin and black tea give it an interesting tannin in the finish. We're in our second year of supporting Rayaan Mill, dedicated to bringing Yemen coffee into the specialty world. Abu Al Wudiyaan is located in a remote valley in the Hajja mountain range. Elevation ranges from 1500-2100 masl. Traditionally natural processed, drying done in raised beds (a new development for the region attributed to the attention of Rayaan influence). Heirloom varietals referred to locally as Udainy and Dawairy.